Sunday, 21 October 2007

Sleepless in Seattle.

No matter how many times I travel this far, I still find it difficult getting on a plane, travelling for 9 hours, and arriving an hour after you've set off. The only thing to do is stay awake as long as possible, and it helps if you're in a group. A crowd of the British contingent went out to do just that, and found a bar that was a real ale lovers dream. 160 real ales - all lined up with handpumps along the bar (which was a very long bar....). If you couldn't decide which one to have you had a sampler - pictured above - where the barman would ask you a few questions and pick 4 for you.
Manged to stay awake until 10.30pm (with my body constantly telling me it was 6.30am), and then got a good 8 hours sleep. Sightseeing day now in Seattle, before the conference starts properly.


Paul said...

hey - slow down with the dots - an ellipsis is just three dots - more usually means its typed by someone trained on a typewriter (whatever that was).

Chris Sexton said...

I'm experimenting!

Chris Sexton said...

OK - is that better?

Peter said...

Good to see this!
I keep reading how blogs are good tools to help internal comms, but just put it down as the latest trend - only realised their worth on reading yours, the first I've seen from a manager that's relevant to me.
I suspect you'll find it easier than many senior managers would.
Hope you can keep it up!

JuliaTiss said...

Some things never change!