Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Social media engagement and student innovators

Final round up for today, two sessions.

1 Using social media for engagement with students

See them as not just receiving content, but as collaborators and creation of content. Engagement is a dialogue and a conversation.
Not just engagement with students, but staff, local community, the media, prospective students, parents...

Top tips.
  • Don't bark. Don't just get information out. Has to be a conversation
  • Build relationships.
  • Learners congregate in diverse spaces. Not just Facebook and Twitter. Snapchat, tumblr etc all popular. It's not about us. Need to be inclusive and have conversations where they want to have them.
  • Provide a quick response. Turn poor customer service into bad.
  • Collect data. You need metrics to inform your service and your planning.
  • Take a strategic approach. Look at the different channels and how they fit together.
  • Support your staff. Can't base social media strategy on one person being available.
Article from the speakers in latest JISC Inform which is worth a read.

As part of the session we used a neat little bit of software to share ideas about how we could use social media to enhance an open day. Never used todaysmeet before, but looked as if it could be useful.

2 Summer of Student Innovation

I've blogged about this before, so won't bore you again, but it was great today to meet and talk to some of the students whose ideas are being developed as part of this programme. They had stands in the exhibition, and also took part in a panel session about how the initiative had gone, and what they'd learned from it. You can see the 6 projects which have been taken into productions here.

The new programme has just launched, so if you are a student who has a great idea for how technology can enhance the student experience, and want to get £5,000 to develop it, go here and enter.

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