Tuesday, 11 March 2014

JISC Digifest, Changes at City University

Second keynote from Professor Paul Curran, VC of City University about Aligning IT and University strategy.

Some relevant demand trends :

1. Humanising HE, ie need to develop personal experience for students.
Some HEIs meeting this challenge by using IT

2. Enhancing education experience
The flipped classroom if used well can enhance educational experiences
Academics can prepare lectures and stream on line
Academics can use their time to focus on mentoring and coaching students

3. Engendering community spirit
Staff and students need to work collaboratively

Some big changes in IT at City.
Had been very devolved. IT perceived as reactive, lacking agility, no real standards. Complex application architecture.

IT became part of strategic plan. Engage IT closely with needs of students. Set up different work streams, not just IT projects, but looking at services and objectives.
Rationalised applications. Put in place efficiency programme to simplify core business processes.
Reorganised around One City IT, shared service model for delivery of IT in centralised model.
Sourced commodity services from outside.
Now have fewer staff, but staff competences changed. More junior staff.
Significant improvements in wifi.
Implemented Moodle and Office 365
Have transferred some systems to shared data centre, reduced cost of hardware by 9% annually.
System downtime reduced
Staffing costs reduced
NSS scores increased
Perception of IT services now proactive and agile.

Increasing commoditisation will present more opportunities for outsourcing.
Skill set in IT department changing away from technical to supplier management
System integration more relevant than application development and maintenance.

Interesting look at how a different university handled these challenges. Must talk to them :-)

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