Monday, 16 September 2013

The Social Portal

Final session of the day from Jim Murphy on Your Next Intranet, the Social Portal.

The old intranet vs the new social portals. Main differences:

Company centric vs People centric
Broadcast vs Engaging
Authoritative vs Empowering
Controlled vs Flexible
Orchestrated vs Open
Stable vs Adaptive
Business to Employee vs Employee to Employee
One place to go vs Omnipresent

Lots of people looking to replace their company intranets with more socially orientated platforms.

Intranet/portal can have many uses ranging from a gateway to applications, to a web based workplace.
Moving more from company centric, corporate news, corporate applications, through to people centric with voluntary, free form profile pages, social software, self directed team support.

Revenue of enterprise portal vendors is declining, enterprise social software revenue is growing,

Employee portal used to be there to improve adoption of enterprise systems. Now using social to help adoption of portal. Should be thinking how we can improve adoption of social. Stop thinking about technology, think about what the user experience is and what they want.
Not, what's in it for the organisation, but what's in it for me. Don't create an environment that someone has to go to, but an environment that goes to them, ie is wherever they're working.

Social intranets require new skills and disciplines:
Traditional cf. Social:
Executive sponsor. cf. Leadership participation
Site administration cf. community management
Content management. cf. content curation
Site design cf. User experience design

Need interaction and interoperability between mobile apps, enterprise apps, people centred services.
Provide services where people need them. Don't make them go to another environment.
Social capability should be in all portal strategies
But, "social" is no panacea, compliment it with business process strategies, content management, portal.

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