Monday, 16 September 2013

Social, Mobile, Digital

Well, here I am at the Gartner Portals, Content and Collaboration Summit in a lovely sunny London. Shame I'm going to be in conference sessions in a windowless room for the next 9 hours!
Will blog as much as I can, but as usual, it will be in note form.

Opening keynote is from Daryl Plummer, on Succeeding in the Digital, Social and Mobile Enterprise. I expect to hear those three words a lot during this conference, together with with "cloud".

The way we engage with each other has changed. The way we engage with technology is also changing. From wearable technologies to 3D printers, innovation is allowing us to engage in new ways. We need to be adaptive and aggressive about how we deal with these changes which are taking place.

Consumerisation revolution started with the PC, and is continuing. After the PC, the web, allowed people to interact with information everyday. Now we have mobile, cloud, social software. Think mobile first. Have to accommodate the mobility of people in all of our services.

The consumer is changing. Live in a culture of we, not me. Expect to be able to share, to interact, give feedback and expect it to be heard. Engaged, not passive. Experience orientated. Informed not ignorant. Connected. Consumers expect to collaborate. People will use technology and avoid telling IT department if they are disconnected. Dropbox good example. People will use it even if IT dept say they can't. Twitter and Facebook still banned in some places.

Employees are business consumers. ( NB Consumers not users. Not drug addicts :-) ). Will acquire technologies that IT dept not aware of. We need to help them and connect with them.
This disruptive innovation has 4 main forces, social, mobile, information, cloud.

Need to think about different ways of using information. Sentiment analysis is more important than surveys. Mining for trends is more important than mining for data elements. The wisdom of crowds can be mined.

Interfaces changing. No longer roll, click, lean, type. Now gesture, touch, talk, swipe. Services need redesigning for mobile. Can't just move them.

IT is moving out of the domain of IT the department. Our role will be to add value, coordinate, facilitate - not control. We need to concentrate on improving the experience. Simplicity of design, simplicity of use. Architecture and strategies need to change. Identify scenarios for change - especially in how we interact with employees, customers, partners. Put control into hands of customers. Lots of good examples. Airlines, on line check in etc. Some airlines use iPads for entertainment, continue watching movie after flight has landed.
Guardian, moved to cloud, launched Guardian API, launched on Amazon cloud. Extended their engagement, kindle edition, Facebook apps using API, social sites etc.

Digital engagement initiatives require input from portal managers, web developers, mobile managers, enterprise architects, content specialists.

If we don't get involved, it will happen without us.

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