Monday, 16 September 2013

Digital Gaga

Next session is from Jamie Anderson, described as a management guru in the programme. session is on Doing Business in the Digital World, Myths and Realities.

Case study about customer engagement using a brand which has risen to be a global brand in only 3 years - Lady Gaga! Fabulous animation showing her success. She has:
40.5m twitter followers
50.5m Facebook followers

At a time when music industry in decline. Done it all by understanding customer engagement. Have to stand out and be different, but also have to be a brilliant musician. Also have to be connected. Need a brand. Used to hum Queens's Radio Gaga so given name (brand) of Lady Gaga at 18.
Then worked on look, art performance on stage.

Launched as $4m start up project. No record contract etc
Thought differently. Singles usually 3 minutes because that's what fitted on a vinyl single.
Couldn't get radio time, so went straight to video, on YouTube. Length of video depends on attention span. 7m 47secs optimum time apparently,
Changes her look weekly. Keep customers interested.

There are 4 pillars of engagement in digital world demonstrated by Lady Gaga:

1. Excitement. Have to excite customers with services

Must have great product.

Also need to be known. Connectors in music industry used to be DJs. Now new ones especially music bloggers. So, they targeted influential music bloggers, and generated 10s millions hits on YouTube. That lead to her videos being viewed millions of times.
Now has 2.2bn downloads. For free.
Her debut tour was 200 concerts raising $227.4 revenue.

Forming a community is very important. Use social media for mass intimacy. Only person with password to Lady Gaga account is Lady Gaga. Authenticity is hugely important. She retweets, answers, thanks.
Gets involved eg with anti bullying campaigns. That leads to....

2 Emotional connections

Give things that are special, that other people don't get. Eg telling twitter followers about perfume launch.
Picture of her without make up caused huge spike in sentiment analysis. So, has done it again.
Take control eg Daily Mail published picture of her looking fat, tweeted about her problems with weight control.

Built her own social media platform. Little monsters. Have to ask to become part of it......

3 Exclusivity

Information just for you. Makes you feel special.

Gaganomics. Given away more than 2bn free downloads to sell 23m albums and 91 m singles. Piracy still rife but you don't steal from your friends.

Now, streaming (Spotify) is changing download market. Producing huge amount of data and analytics. Using analytics to track customers behaviour, likes etc.

4 eCommerce
How do you connect with customers?. How do they connect with you? Need to be whoever your customers want you to be. Lady Gaga has been with iTunes, Amazon, Spotify.

Excitement, Emotional connectivity, Exclusivity. eCommerce - get them right and you'll get customer engagement.

Brilliant presentation, and nice to hear some Lady Gaga music and watch some videos. This blog won't have done it justice, but interesting to see a case study using a musician.

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Jamie Anderson said...

Thanks for your summary Christine - and glad you enjoyed my talk. I am sure you will like my articel 'Strategy Gaga'

chris sexton said...

Thanks Jamie. Glad you like it. Blogs all written live, and with little finesse :-) to give people who aren't here a bit of a sense of what's going on.
Loved the talk.

chris sexton said...

And great article