Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Still here....

Saying you're too busy to blog is a bit of a lame excuse really isn't it, but that's how it feels this week. Or is could of course be that I'm struggling to get back in the swing of it after a couple of weeks off. And, there's not been a lot happening to blog about - been busy with HR stuff and Finances mostly.

Had a good meeting at the end of last week with colleagues from JANET - talking mainly about changes happening in the JISC, and I'm pleased to see that Phil Richards from Loughborough has been appointed Chief Innovation Officer.  Will be interesting to see how innovation is taken forward. We touched on Janet6, the new Janet network - it's going very well, with many areas, including us, live already. We also took the opportunity to show off our creative media facilities, our producuction and edit suites and the equipment loan service.

This week I've had a conference call with a Gartner analyst about the draft  Digital Strategy which we are working with Corporate Affairs to implement. What became clear was our existing strategy is very much focused on marketing, and what we don't have is a University Digital Business Strategy. That's something that could be interesting to pull together. It would need to cover all of our business areas - Teaching and Learning, Research, Internationalisation, Civic Engagement, as well as operational areas.

The other thing that I've used a lot this week is HipChat - something we're trialling for use in incidents, and for having technical chats that twitter and other social media isn't appropriate for. Hosted off site so resilient, and private. Impressed with how it works so far. Not that impressed that I've had to use it, but that's another story :-)

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