Thursday, 15 August 2013


Today begins one of our busiest times of year  - A level results are announced!  We've been busy for the last few days - A level results are sent to us in a file transfer over the weekend, and we have a few days to process them so that when the students get them we're prepared.

We're heavily reliant on our systems being available so for a period of 10 days we have a change freeze - no-one can make changes to any of our systems unless they are essential (of course, it can't be a complete change freeze, or nothing would actually work!), but we try and minimise risk as much as possible.

The past few days we've been setting up on of our open access computer rooms to be the confirmation and clearing hub, and this morning at 8am we were off!

Dedicated incoming and outgoing telephones lines are set up, about 40 temps answering calls,a nd another 6 or so staff making outgoing calls. Big plasma screens round the room gving status updates on courses and information for the operators. Our voice and data and IT support teams are down there making sure everything works OK and providing stas on phone calls to the admissions team. For example they can see how many calls are waiting, how long they've been waiting for and then suggest changes to the incoming/outgoing operators.

Also, our colleagues from epiGenysis who wrote the clearing system are on hand to provide techncial support and help with data issues

Altogether a great team effort, which if this morning is anything to go by, ably assisted by donuts!

After today, no more blogging for a week as I'm off to one of my favorite annual events - Whitby Folk Week - so see you after that.

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