Tuesday, 6 August 2013

MUSE is dead, long live MUSE

Well, back from hols - great relaxing break, only spoiled by the amount of emails in my inbox, most of them junk. Perhaps we should all adopt this technique - put a vacation message on saying all mails received while you're away will be deleted. As long as you give an alternative address for urgent things to be forwarded to (PA, a colleague), would it be a good idea?

Exciting day to come back to work yesterday - launch of  new portal - MUSE (My University of Sheffield Environment, in case you wondered).  All gathered at 8am, and after a bit of a hiccough due to a slight hardware failure problem over the weekend, some magic was done  and it was live. Here's the team just a couple of minutes after it had gone live

Not forgetting Nomit who was out of shot.

All developed in house by our great team of developers, it looks really good and has been the result of a team effort.  This is just the first phase, there's lots more to come. What was really pleasing was how little issues we had - we had extra staff on the Helpdesk standing by, but very little came through. So, shows what good preparation and comms were done.

There's a nice little video about it here:

The videos are produced by our intern, who is doing a great job. Here's one he's just finished on phishing:


Pete Shaw said...

That email technique is a good idea but unfortunately assumes the recipient reads beyond the subject line.

chris sexton said...

Good point. Subject line would have to say something like, "this email is not going to be read", or "will self destruct"

Simon Geller said...

An unintended benefit of implementing New MUSE: Mac users found that the the problem that was preventing Busycal from logging into Google vanished with the introduction of new MUSE.