Tuesday, 16 July 2013


One of my favourite University weeks this week - Graduation  - it ties with Freshers Week. This week we see our successful graduates celebrate and leave us, and in freshers week we see another group of eager students arrive. The sun is shining, and the University looks wonderful - the new plaza outside of the Octagon Centre is almost finished and looking good

 we have a champagne bar in the Quad

and a jazz band to welcome the students as they emerge from the ceremonies

And of course we're doing our bit to make sure the students can remember the day. Our creative media and teaching technologies teams are over there live streaming the ceremonies - you can watch the here - as well as recording them for students to take home on a DVD or USB stick. Both of these are produced on site and we have them ready an hour after the ceremony has finished. We've got our friend Ed from Re:Axive back to take the Facebook taggable gigapixel photos, and for students who don't want the full 1hour recording of the ceremony, they can get their 2 minutes of fame as we release their handshake videos on Facebook which they can then share with their friends and family.

Excellent work from the team as always, and if you wondered what it looks like while they're recording/streaming/editing, here's a pic, courtesy of Chris Clow.

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