Wednesday, 10 July 2013

13 year old CEOs and Swarm Organs

The Activate day yesterday was excellent - a lot to think about, especially around how we innovate, and some interesting thoughts on how we as Universities can help develop our students to become entrepreneurs. One of the panel sessions was comprised of young entrepreneurs, all of whom ran their own business, and the age range was from 34, down to 13! Young Jordan Casey is CEO and founder of Casey Games, with a team of 3 working for the company, and does most of the work on school nights, after he's done his homework. He confessed that his parents thought he was playing games, not writing them and were somewhat surprised when they realised the extent of what he had done!

One of the other highlights for me was a presentation from the Swarm Organ project - difficult to describe but I'll have a go. Imagine a lego model of a plane, which you then break up. Imagine if the lego bricks could act like tiny robots, and put themselves together again. It would be difficult because each robotic brick would only know where it was in relation to its immediate neighbours and would not see the bigger picture, ie the whole model. But, cells do this all the time. They can build big structures only communicating with their neighbours. Think of cells as tiny robots....  Imagine being able to regrow an arm....  Bringing together biology and technology. It was fascinating. If you want to know more, there's a nice little video about it here.

Swarm Organ Twenty20 from FET FoCAS on Vimeo.

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