Tuesday, 9 July 2013

First fireside chat

Chat with CEO of Ericsson, Hans Vestberg. Some interesting insights. Difficult to blog, but here are some snippets from the interview.

Cost of handset very important in mobile ownership. Ericsson are driving down cost of handsets by using standard technology across the world. In many countries in world, you buy your phone, in UK cost often borne by operator. Reducing the cost of handset by $10 means 100m more people can afford a Phone.

By 2018 number of people with mobile internet will have increased 3 fold to 98%. By 2020, the will be 50b connected devices.

75% of time spent on a phone is not making calls – 5 years ago this was just 5%

Social inclusion important now, digital inclusion will be vital in the future

Mobility, connectivity and the cloud will transform the way we work.
Cloud technology is both useful and daunting in light of the PRISM scandal. All your data in one place. As the data explosion continues, corporations & governments will face the challenge of maintaining trust with consumers/citizens.

Technology will never be as slow as it is right now - it's only going to get faster.

Will be different purposes for devices in future. Hub for connectivity will be the smart phone. Could be different shape and form, but will essentially be a smart phone. We will stop talking about TVs, mobiles etc we will talk about connected devices
Enormously dense networks will be required to cope with new technologies including Google Glass.

Nice little video referred to here.

Interesting first question in Q and A , " Do companies like Ericsson need to make back doors available for intelligence agencies?" got a very curt and simple "No".

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