Thursday, 14 March 2013


As well as listening to and blogging about presentations at UCISA, I've also been involved in presenting two.

Yesterday afternoon as part of the University Showcase session Chris Clow and I presented on our Creative Media facilities.
We showed the video which you can see on the web site, and talked through why we'd set up the facility:
- students were clearly producing media
- facilities for them to do so were split over a number of departments and not coordinated
- there was no facility for students to collaborate on projects.

We then showed the facilities on offer, and talked through some of the technical aspects of setting up the shared, temporary accounts which students use. We hoped to show some examples of projects, but unfortunately I'd forgotten to connect my laptop to the wireless network! It seemed to go well, and everyone was impressed with the facilities which we offer to students on a 24/7 basis. So, thanks to Chris and the team.

This morning I was on the main stage with our Chief Financial Officer, in conversation! Asked him the obvious questions, why are you an accountant, what is the point of accountants, and what do you as CFO want from a CIO? Of course he asked me the same question back, what did I want from him? I got a round of applause for asking for procurement officers who understood IT procurement ( no reflection of Sheffield's procurement team who are of course excellent!) It was a lively conversation, streamed, and will be on line soon if anyone is interested in watching it. Watch for the Pink Floyd theme!

EDIT:  The presentation is available now here. And sorry, you will need to install Silverlight.

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