Thursday, 28 March 2013

An Easter Egg

Sorry for not many posts this week - not a lot to write about. A lot of catching up with people, preparing presentations I'm giving in the next few weeks, and traveling to Scotland (see previous post).

However, three exciting things have happened which are definitely worth mentioning:

It's been confirmed that the New Engineering Building will go ahead on the site of the Jessop Hospital as the Secretary of State is not calling the decision to demolish the Edwardian block in - see more detail about the building here. It's great news for us, because as well as engineering laboratories for students there will be pooled teaching space including lecture theatres and seminar rooms, and a considerable amount of student led learning spaces which we are provisionally calling ICE - Information Commons East. Given its proximity to our Arts and Humanities departments including languages and music, we are intending to create some interesting and state of the art creative media facilities for students in it.

Here's a video of what it will be like - it's going to be stunning!

Next, for the second year running, students have given IT Support a 96% satisfaction rating in the student barometer survey - this is the highest score not only in the Russell group, but in the UK. Well done everyone!

Any finally - Mildred has laid an egg! Our peregrine Falcons have so far produced one egg but more are expected - you can read all about them here on the Sheffield Bird Study group's blog. I sort of get the feeling they don't like us calling them George and Mildred, but I do....  Mildred has spent a lot of time on the egg keeping it warm which given the current temperature I'm not surprised at, and they've also been seen a lot ripping pigeons to pieces on the nest.  Here's some pictures.

Have a nice Easter everyone  - especially our SAPBasis guys who are doing a major upgrade instead of eating easter eggs. Or maybe as well as.

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