Monday, 14 January 2013

Handshakes and planning

So, the graduation ceremonies went well, the handshake videos are up (excellent quality), and the gigapixel pictures are there and being tagged.

Today we had our first snowfall of the winter, on the day exams started. So, we dusted off and updated our web page, made sure we had excellent gritting and clearing arrangements in place, and reminded everyone where to go for information. We're not letting a bit of snow be a crisis!

This afternoon it was Service Strategy Board (SSB), no project reports this month so we focused on the highlight reports from our service managers. Lots of non project work going on, but a lot to do with more requests for work than we can deliver, so we will be working with departments to prioritise. We took a look at our development portfolio and agreed to completely review our benefit profiles and set up a departmental risk group to review our various risk registers and bring them together.

We've also started looking at our planning statement for next year which we'll be completing after we've met all of the Faculties. Some themes coming out after the first few meetings - more, bigger computer rooms for teaching and assessment, and more wireless across campus. Neither of these will come cheap, so we'll be having a close look at our budgets.

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