Thursday, 10 January 2013

Creative Media at Degree Ceremonies

Today and tomorrow are our Higher Degree Ceremonies. The sun is shining, but there is a lot of frost on the ground which won't do the newly planted borders round the Octagon much good :-)

This year  CiCS have taken on all aspects of recording and streaming the ceremonies. We are streaming them for the first time in HD, and had about 150 people viewing at this morning's ceremony. You can watch the stream during the ceremonies here.

After the ceremony the video will be available both as a DVD and on a USB stick, which we are duplicating immediately after the event so they will be ready for the students and families to take away with them. Spent some time in the projection box this morning which was quite exciting

We have three cameras recording things which are mixed during the event. Lots of CiCS staff involved, as well as the Student Union, and they're all doing a great job. And they are all looking so smart....

As well as the whole video, students will be able to purchase a short clip of their "handshake" which they can tag and put on Facebook here.

As well as the DVDs, the USB sticks and the handshake videos, we've also got our fantastic range of Varsity Gifts on sale from our Design and Print Service:

And, if that wasn't enough, we've engaged Edward from Reaxive to take high definition gigapixel pictures of each ceremony which students and families can tag on Facebook. This year's will be available here after each ceremony, but you can look at last year's summer ones here to see how good they are. Edward's pictures are much better than this one I quickly snapped of him working on the picture of this morning's ceremony.

So, a great team effort and some really innovative stuff to make sure the students and their families have a good experience on the day, and have something to take away to remind them of it.

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