Wednesday, 4 April 2012

LEAN and Mean

I've posted before about how we've been looking at ways of engaging with the efficiency agenda, and in particular simplifying and standardising business processes. The main methodology we've looked at is LEAN, and following two successful pilots, the University has agreed to set up a process improvement unit which will use LEAN as the main, but not the only, technique to really make a difference to our processes. The aim will be to reduce waste, to simplify, to remove blockages, to speed things up and generally find solutions to problems.

The unit will be based in our department, CiCS, but will have a University wide remit and will sit outside of the current management structure. By basing it in CiCS, it will have the support of all the current good practice we have in business process analysis and improvement. Also, many of the solutions will require some sort of IT intervention so it makes sense for us to keep an eye on resources and priorities.

There will be two facilitator/coordinator posts, one of which is about to be advertised, and a supporting clerical officer. This is an exciting time, I'm looking forward to it really making a difference.

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