Friday, 4 November 2011

Green Gown Awards

I'm very pleased to tell everyone that CiCS were shortlisted in the Green ICT Initiative category in the Green Gown Awards.  However, the bad news is, we didn't win.

We put in a submission based on a number of initiatives to reduce our impact on the environment.   To quote from our submission:

"We believe that there is no “magic bullet” to becoming more environmentally friendly and that we can only address the issues by attacking on a number of fronts at the same time. By putting over a coherent message to our users and by practicing what we preach ourselves, we have managed to keep our own carbon footprint static while meeting an ever-increasing demand for our services. In turn, we encourage our users to utilise ICT to work in a more environmentally manner, for example by working from home, and video-conferencing to reduce travel."

We used examples from our server virtualisation which has drastically reduced energy costs, intelligent cooling in the data centres, moving major services including email and calendaring to the cloud, user education and PC management, environmentally friendly printing, and sustainibility in projects through the Environmental Impact Assesssment which is carried out on all of them.

Sadly we didn't get an award - the ceremony was last night at the Grand Connaught Rooms - a very impressive venue - and hosted by Krishnan Guru-Murthy.  Several of us went down, and I hope you agree we scrubbed up very well and did the University proud! Congratulations to the University of Hertfordshire who won the award.


Anonymous said...

Six people's return travel to London, accommodation in London overnight plus the cost of the tickets at least £100 +VAT each. I'd say that was a snip at the price.

Chris Sexton said...

Absolutely. Couldn't agree more. A few hundred pounds to say thank you to people who've worked hard all year, and saved the University several hundred thousand pounds. To let them know that we really value their work, and those of their colleagues, such that we'll support them in getting recognition and representing the University. Definitely a snip.

mark sehgal said...

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Chandoo said...

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