Tuesday, 8 November 2011

First day catch up

A quick catch up on a few of the sessions yesterday I've not written about. I went to a workshop on organisational change, which was very interactive and had us undertaking a number of tasks on our tables, including making a triangle from a number of different shaped pieces of card. Not my finest hour. I even cheatd by looking at what the table next to us had done, and still couldn't do it!

I also had a one to one session with one of the Gartner analysts, their specialist on social networking and all things Google, about our Google implementation and how we might capitalise on it more. Some good advice, and some interesting insights into Google's business model and other players in this space.

Finally yesterday evening we went on a visit to the Open University of Catalunya, based just outside Barcelona, to look at their Learning Management system. They've developed it themselves, using a variety of different things, some open source and free, some stuff they've written using a variety of technologies. Very impressive stuff, all web based, and all optimised for delivery on mobile devices. I particularly liked the use of blogging software, they've used Wordpress with some plug ins they've developed themselves, to assist with language teaching. Students can record and upload video clips, comment on others, and also work collaboratively on projects.

It was a long day, finishing at about 9pm when we finally got to relax and have a meal. Today the sun is shining for the first time since we got here, so I'm off now to spend the day in the conference centre. First up is another one to one with an analyst, this time talking about reviewing our student system.

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