Friday, 18 March 2011

A silver award and a green hero

Green Impact awards today - good to see so many departments in the University participating, and completing a workbook of all of their achievements. Everyone in the University can take part, and there's more information about it here.

Last year we gained a bronze award, and this year we upped our game, and achieved silver.  Great work from everyone in the department, and especially Simon who's our green coordinator. Simon, along with the other silver winners went up to collect the award from the Vice Chancellor:

Not only did we get this, but one of only two special awards also went to the department. Dominic, who's our data centre manager, was made a Green Hero!  This was for his contribution to our server virtualisation project which has greatly reduced our energy costs, and also all of the work he's being doing to make our data centres more efficient.  Well done Dominic.  That's two year's running the Green Hero has been in CiCS. So, next year we're going for gold and a hat trick! He got a certificate, and 10 trees in his name at Penguin Wood, Botany Bay, Derbyshire a Woodland Trust site. Perhaps we'll have to have a trip out to see them!

 That's Dominic getting his award from the VC, together with Valerie from the Faculty of Arts who was also made a hero for the work she's done on the Jessop West Green Impact scheme - there's some great information about it here.

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Well done to all concerned!