Friday, 25 March 2011

The right time augmented web

Good talk this morning from Paul Golding, CEO of wireless wanders, on current and future trends in mobile.

Mobile is everyware. 1.2billion mobiles sold annually. >90% of world has mobile access.
In 59 countries there are more mobiles than people.
6 trillion text messages sent in a year.
Each teenager sends or receives on average 3339 text messages a month. That's about 14 hours.

First internet enabled phone came out in 1999, and since then there's been a convergence of web 2.0 and Internet centric mobile devices with a 100 times increase in processing power. Can do so much more on them, really more like small computers than mobile phones.
There's a 35% penetration in UK , 70% increase in a year.
2 horse race between iOS and android. Heading towards billion of them sold.
Previously difficult to develop because too much fragmentation, now just 2 dominant platforms, and the advent of html5 also making it easier to develop.
Because of that, there's been a rapid transition from talking and texting to doing cool stuff with apps.

Now tablets have arrived which are more people friendly computers. Can do stuff for real on them rather than just looking which is really all that's done on mobile phones.
Fastest growing sector in app store is business applications,especially for tablets.
They're not an offshoot of a PC, but a mobile phone. There's an increasing transition form utility to experience.
Will lead to escaping the PC ( when current dependence on iTunes goes!). Some people may grow up without ever needing a PC, and it will change their experience of computing, especially as data moves more into the cloud. Won't have concept of folder for example.

Virtual, augmented reality also a trend to watch, This combines the physical world and the web world. Great applications and opportunities. Tipping point for virtual reality will be tablets now they have cameras.
There's an increasing number of sophisticated sensors being developed, which will augment the web experience. Small body sensors can already can detect and measure 20 different things. Sensors in your car can already detect tyre pressures. This leads to the concept of the Internet of things. Everything in our lives will be accessible via the Internet.

The enablers for this are Moore's law, and the every increasing processing power available, small bluetooth devices which will fit in a post it note, 4G LTE networks and Web technologies. Combine all of this with the power of cloud and sensor grids and a whole new type of application becomes possible.

The right time web is almost here, giving the right information at the right time to the right person.

To conclude, the right-time augmented web is the future, accessed by mobile devices, underpinned by cloud platforms and network as a service.

Very good talk, and the slides are here if you want more detail.

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pj said...

knowing the IT industry it will be:

the right information at the right time to the wrong person


the wrong information at the right time to the right person

call me cynical...

Chris Sexton said...

surely not :-)

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