Tuesday, 9 November 2010

How to save money, save time, save the planet, improve your sex life, lose 10lbs, get whiter teeth, and get to the

.......in three easy steps.

The final session at CISG by Angela Lamont. A self confessed geek, she used to be a systems analyst and has worked for a number of companies before becoming a technology writer and broadcaster. Motivational speakers can be a bit hit and miss, but she was very good. Funny, and very relevant to a room full of IT people. She stared with a wordle of her spam emails over the last weeks, and based on what the spammers were suggesting she wanted, she came up with the title.

She gave us 3 easy steps to use in our personal lied and at work each illustrated with amusing anecdotes, many from her life. I'm not going to repeat them here because that wouldn't do the talk justice, but they include cancelling the Tuesday meeting, analyzing the Tamara Drewe effect to improve your sex life, and losing weight by doing your shopping on line.

A good end to an enjoyable conference.

No more work blogging for a few days as I'm away at the moment. Some pictures etc on the other blog if your interested.

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