Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Google story

I got collared at the end of the Google atmosphere conference to talk to them about why we'd gone Google for students. I thought it was an informal interview, but it's been turned into a video, and will appear on their web site. Not very flattering, but not bad for one take, when I had no idea what questions I was going to be asked!

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George Credland said...

I'm just back from the SAP User Conference.

SAP's keynote includes "On Demand" (Software as a Service) model.

They see it as a means of easily deploying secondary systems such as Business Objects for Business Intelligence without the overhead of a complex on site installation.

SAP recommend keeping core systems "on premise" and are working to provide seamless integration between "on demand" and "on premise" systems to enable choice per system.

I also attended a session from CapGemini who are using infrastructure services from Amazon to rapid deploy non-critical SAP systems. e.g. Blueprint/sandpit test systems and training instances which can be created and deleted on demand. At present they haven't progressed to QA and production systems due to the need for backup/restore capabilities.

As for non-flattering...