Monday, 29 November 2010

Hello again

Hello blog - seem to have neglected you for a few days. Sorry. Been busy. Last week lots of personnel meetings which don't really make good blogging material. Also a visit to another University where I'm helping them with a review of their IT services. I enjoy doing this sort of work - it's good to find out what others are doing, and although I'm really there to advise them on what they're providing for their customers, its also a good way to make contacts and learn about different ways of doing things - we all learn from each other.

We've had a couple more strategic liaison meetings with Faculties as well - Social Sciences and Engineering. Followed the normal agenda, and talked through some of the changes we're planning, including the upgrade of the VLE and the move to Google apps for staff, as well as listening to their plans for developments over the next year. We also talked about plans for closer working relationships between faculty and departmental IT staff and CiCS, where we'll be looking for benefits in a number of areas, including procurement, efficiency, and career development.

We finished the week with a small thank you party for staff, to thank them for helping us all get through what has been one of the most fraught beginnings to an academic year most of us can remember. Wine, beer, nibbles and a free raffle with some excellent prizes started the weekend well.

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