Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Faster than a potato

Tuesday morning began with some more demos. This time Chrome - the browser and the OS. Browsers have to change to cope with speed and imagery of new web applications. Chrome has 80m users two years after launch and Google maintain has forced other browsers to get better. They showed a video of how fast it was. Personally I've never used it, what bit I've seen of it hasn't been enough to tempt me away from Firefox, but would be interested to know what others think.

Then a demo of chrome OS. Developed and designed only for the web. PCs are expensive, need patching, upgrading, have to store data, have licence costs etc. The demo had chrome running on a Dell laptop. It took 6 seconds from turning the power on to boot up (they're aiming for 5), so it's fast. Looks like a web browser, uses wifi, VPN, can have multiple desktops available. Video chat available from within browser. PDFs open instantly.  I was quite sceptical, but was quite impressed with it. Will have to see what it looks like when released and how it takes off.

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Simon said...

Chrome is great for running Google apps on - not so wonderful otherwise.