Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Snakes on a lego plane...

Last week I posted that I was disturbed by some aspects of the Digital Economy Bill. This week I added my signature on behalf of UCISA to an open letter sent by a number of organisations to the House of Lords about the provisions for copyright infringement and public access to the internet via institutions. It will be interesting to see what response we get.

Other things I've been doing in the last couple of days include pondering whether Flash will finally be killed off by Apple, and catching up with loads of reports that needed writing. Still not finished them all yet, but have a train journey tomorrow so that should help! Going to the inaugural meeting of the Google Apps Education European Customer Advisory Board, which I hope to be able to post about later this week.

And finally, because this is such a short post, something for you to look at especially if you like lego - a Lego Airbus. Full gallery of pictures here - isn't it great? I especially like the snakes.

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