Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Fame at last..

Forgot to mention this in last post, but it amused me.....

Last Saturday I watched the last in the BBC series The Virtual Revolution - I'm sure it's on iPlayer if you missed it. It announced a hashtag at the beginning (#bbcrevolution), so I was able to follow the backchannel on Twitter while it was on. I was pleased that I wasn't the only one who was annoyed and irritated by the programme, its concentration on Facebook as a social media site, and the scaremongering about what it was doing to our children's brains (yes, Baroness Greenfield was on). In fact one of the only people who spoke any sense on the programme was Stephen Fry. So, at the end of the programme you were invited to go to the BBC web site and see what sort of web animal you were - and you know what, I tweeted:
And I made The Sun! Not quite the fame I had in mind, but cheered me up no end.


Tom said...

I thought I'd made it when I appeared on the register -
But I think you've managed to beat me in the "quoting public tweets in mainstream media" stakes!

George Credland said...

Just be thankful they didn't quote the tweet from earlier that evening!

"Oh no, Greenfield really does talk..."


Phillip Fayers said...

I'm always annoyed that any BBC program on new technology has to employ odd camera angles, strange visual effects and dreadful background music. Its even worse on the radio as they feel the need to apply strange digital processing to all the voices.