Tuesday, 24 November 2009

One commmittee ends, another starts

Yesterday saw the end of our SAP Programme Board - several years (4?) after it was formed to oversee the implementation of our Finance, HR and Payroll systems - with the go-live of our e-Recruitment system we've finally finished the projects. It's been a long journey, and one that's seen a lot of hard work, team working and cooperation from many areas, including ourselves, Finance, HR and all of the users out there in departments. Of course, no implementation is ever finished - we have ongoing enhancements and development - and just as the Programme Board was winding up, we were setting up a new project group to manage the major upgrade that we'll have to do in the next 18 months. Preparatory work has already started, and we'll be doing a technical upgrade as well as looking at how much new functionality to implement.

Also yesterday was the first meeting of our Drama Studio User group. As I've said before, this is a wonderful venue and great asset to the University. It has a an academic function supporting Drama teaching and research in the School of English, as well as being a performance venue for other departments including Music and some of the language departments. It's used by the Staff Dramatic Society, as well as student society (SUTCO) which is one of the leading student theatre companies in the country and provides an excellent opportunity for students who aren't studying drama to gain theatre experience. In addition to these University users, the Drama Studio provides a venue for many local amateur dramatic societies. Add into this mix the University's objective to expand its academic drama provision, and attract professional companies to the Studio, we have a lot of needs to balance and a lot of users to keep happy. Hence the User Group - a very positive meeting yesterday and a will to work together, as well as some very complimentary remarks about the Studio and the staff who manage it.

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