Monday, 2 November 2009


Well, I've arrived in Denver - the mile high city, and although 12 inches of snow fell last week, it's remarkably sunny at the moment. Still snow on the mountains though which are visible at the bottom of every street. Will post some pictures when I'm feeling a bit less zombie like due to the 7 hour time difference,

I was thinking about back home earlier, as today sees a major system go live - our eRecruitment system. Part of our SAP deployment, it's been developed by the HR department and CiCS working in partnership, and it's the first SAP system we've deployed without significant consultancy - so well done to all of the team.

The eRecruitment system has made huge improvements to our current processes - for example it's really streamlined the approval processes for vacant and new posts. What used to take several weeks can now be done in a matter of days, or even hours. Our record as a pilot department is 48 hours from inputting the details to having the post cleared for advertising. The applicants also get a much improved experience.

We've been running it live with pilot departments (including us) for some months and this has enabled us to respond effectively to user feedback, and provide a significantly better system for the main go-live.

Sorry not to be around for the final deployment but well done everyone and thanks.

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