Wednesday, 11 November 2009

CSR and uSpace

Good CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) committee today. Started with a quick demo of uSpace by yours truly - tried to show that we don't want it to become a document repository and it works best as an interactive, collaborative tool. Documents need to be created within it, not uploaded as .docs or pdfs, and comments and discussions encouraged.

One of the main items on the agenda was how we can reduce our carbon footprint - we're part of a project called Degrees Cooler which is about changing the attitudes and behaviour of students and staff. Simple things like switching off, not printing, sourcing local and reducing water use can make a big difference.

Had another discussion about uSpace earlier in the day as we're trying to create a page which pulls together all the blogs that staff and students are writing to make them easier to find from both within and outside the University. Unfortunately despite what we were told by the company when we bought the product, this isn't as easy as we thought. However, I'm confident that as we have the best brains in the business working on it, it will soon be finished and will be wonderful. (I'm not trying to hurry them up with flattery, honest....)

Incidentally - ever since I came into this job I've wondered why software doesn't seem to come under either the Trades Descriptions Act or the Sale of Goods Act - we wouldn't put up with a washing machine that didn't work because we had to wait till the next version was released!

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Anonymous said...

I agree - Uspace would work best when not used as a document repository - but it seems that in some way we are being asked to use it as such, with the phase out of MUSE Groups and the recommendation of USpace over them.