Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Departmental babies

Exciting event this morning - for the last few weeks we've been watching a thrush build her nest on a window ledge outside our offices. Then three perfect blue eggs appeared. This morning - babies are there. But (and this is causing most of us to be on bird watch), two magpies have their eye on them. The thrushes are doing a good job of fighting them off, ably assisted by claps and shouts from the rest of us, but what will happen when we're not here? We need a web cam on them. And possibly an air gun.....

Bit of an animal based morning - I'm dusting off our Business Continuity Plans in case swine flu reaches Sheffield (I know, it was a tenuous link!). Advice has already gone out to staff and students about what precautions to take, and we've got a meeting tomorrow to see if there's any further action we need to take. Hopefully this is just another rehearsal, but better to be prepared.

Edit - photo added, copyright Paul Leman. will try and get one of the babies next time they change shifts.

Another edit: And here it is - not brilliant but you can see that there are 3 babies.

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