Monday, 20 April 2009

Ask the audience

Last week was very quiet - a lot of the University were on holiday. But there were some good networking events. As well as the campus warden's meeting I went to another team meeting and had a question and answer session. Twelve questions had been submitted in advance, one from each member of the team, and I attempted to answer them. I was quite disappointed that despite not phoning a friend or asking the audience I didn't seem to win anything, so I assume I got one wrong. It was a good session for me and I hope the others agreed - it emphasised the need to stay in touch. Other teams out there - feel free to ask me!

We also held an open day for the department in the Drama Studio. I've written about it before - it's an excellent venue, providing facilities both for our own students, those reading drama and those who act as a hobby, and local amateur dramatic groups who can hire it out. It's undergone a bit of a makeover recently with newly decorated dressing rooms and green room, and the installation of screens in all back stage areas as well as front of house so that the stage can be viewed. It was well attended with about 50 of our staff having a look round, most of whom had never been backstage before.

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