Thursday, 19 March 2009

Google Street View comes to Sheffield

This morning I had lots of good intentions - I have emails to reply to, papers to read, reports to write - you know the score. Thought I'd catch up on the Twitterverse before I started, and found the most fantastic aid to procrastination - Google Street View has come to Sheffield! So far I've found my house, my car, my colleagues house, the Information Commons, colleagues walking down the road - and I haven't really started yet......

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Raises some interesting thoughts, particularly around privacy? Most, though not all, car numbers are blurred, as are most faces. You can apply to have your image removed, and there has been one unsuccessful attempt to sue them. Will be interesting to see how it develops.

Now - how we can we use it?

We can work out what day the camera visited, and there's some great publicity material for us:

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Andy Tattersall said...

Oh no, you've made me procrastinate now!
What a fantastic tool, although can't help but feel I'm watched enough as it is. I've got more daily viewings going on throuigh CCTV than the average Channel Five documentary.