Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Galway at last

Arrived in Galway this afternoon. I don't particularly like flying, but accept it as a way to get to places I need to go to. But, I really don't like flying on planes with propellors instead of jet engines! They're noisy, the planes rattle, and I don't understand how the plane can go fast enough to fly. The fact that it does fly is irrelevant. It was a bit of a shock to land in Galway in snow! Apparently it was a bit of a shock to the people here as well!

As the plane was 90 minutes late, we went straight to GMIT for a look round their learning centre and general IT facilities. I've posted before about how we nearly got there in the planning stages of the IC. What I hadn't realised was how much in terms of design the two buildings had in common - not just the copper cladding , but the strip windows, the northlights and some internal features. We had a great tour round, and a good discussion about how the two buildings operate. Lots of things in common, even though our two institutions are different. Some very different things though, including web content monitoring which they take very seriously here, and we don't do at all - nor do we want to!

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