Friday, 30 January 2009

UCISA planning

As I walked out of the hotel in Manchester Airport late yesterday afternoon , I suddenly realised that I hadn't breathed fresh air for over 2 days, and when I did it was the station platform! I had seen a lot of planes take off and land though. I'm easily pleased.

After the leadership forum I'd stayed on for a full day UCISA Executive Planning meeting. Unless there is a coup at the AGM, then I will take over as Chair at the end of March, so I led the discussion on what we want to do in the next year.

We talked about liaison with other bodies - traditionally we have had a strong relationship with the library community which we want to maintain, but there are other areas where we have common interests and overlap such as Estates, and we will be pursuing this over the next few months. Other areas we will be putting into the plan include the dissemination of good practice and the publication of more case studies, continuing to organise workshops, and other events and looking at our members top concerns and how we can help them address them.

I'm also keen to make sure that we help members align their issues to those of the institution - we need to make sure that we deliver what the institutions need to succeed, and not what we think they want.

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