Tuesday, 13 January 2009

meetings, meetings

Meeting with our internal auditors yesterday to look at the report of our most recent audit which was on Green IT. Lots of thing we're doing well around power usage of servers and PCs and also around printing. Areas that we're looking at now include the design and cooling of our data centres. We also discussed our next two audits - on Information Security and Business Continuity Planning.

Had a CiCS Programme Board meeting yesterday where one of the main items was how we can help Application Groups take a more strategic and proactive role in systems development, and also to be much more active in ensuring the organisational process change to really get the benefits out of new and existing systems - we're meeting with the Chairs of the Groups over the next couple of weeks to look at a number of options for achieving this.

Today we had a University Collaboration Improvement Programme Board where we looked at one of the benefts we hope to realise from the programme - improved delegation. The report began with a nice quote from Andrew Carnegie: “The secret of success is not in doing your own work but in recognizing the right [person] to do it.” We talked about the barriers to delegation - not enough people to delegate to, little awareness of models of delegation or how delegation is handled by other departments, unfamiliarity with systems which could help - the designate functionality of the calendar system for example. and then how we could help - better education about systems, more information to new heads of departments about what is available, targeted training and a wider dissemination of knowledge about "who does what".

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