Monday, 5 January 2009

Twitter power

Happy New Year everyone - and welcome back. What a wonderful day to come back - snow everywhere and a freezing building! And what a start to the year we had yesterday - last lie in before returning, and what do we get - a two minute power cut to our main data centre which brought all of our systems down. Power cut you might ask - surely you have a generator? Well yes we do, but it didn't work. But only two minutes you might then ask (as I did when phoned up at 7am on a Sunday morning!), surely the UPS should have covered that? Yes it should. But it didn't. Investigations happening today - yesterday we just concentrated on getting all systems back up. Theres's definitely a downside to moving to VOIP - lose the network, lose the phones! Anyway, got most things back eventually - thanks to everyone who gave up their Sunday to help out.

Some of you may know that I use Twitter a lot - a micro-blogging service. Interestingly a lot of celebrities have started using it, leading to some of the press catching on. They just don't get it, but it's quite funny watching them trying to get their heads round it. There's a good spoof of one of my favourite papers (not!) on there at the moment. The reason for mentioning it, is that early yesterday morning, one of my colleagues spotted that we seemed to have major problems here and couldn't email me, didn't know my phone number, so sent me a direct message on Twitter. So, more than just a social networking tool!

Edit: About 2 minutes after publishing this, everything went dark, and lo, the power is off. Has been for last 2 hours. Luckily just in our offices, not the data centre. Staff decamping across campus to find somewhere to work.

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