Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Planning a presentation

Spent yesterday morning at another University helping them interview for a senior post. I always enjoy doing it - it's really interesting seeing how other institutions do things and meeting new people.

Most of the afternoon was spent in an Executive Meeting going over our planning documents and strategies which ill be subitted later today.

I also started planning my UEB presentation - I always finding starting these things the hardest - once I've got an outline I'm fine. Anyway, now I have an outline, so just got to write it. This is what I plan to talk about:

What’s in IT for me?

Support by CiCS to the business needs of the University can be categorised into the following broad areas:

• Teaching and Learning
• Research
• Collaboration and Communication
• Help & Support
• Corporate Business Activity
• Supporting Infrastructure

Taking each of these areas, the presentation will illustrate how CiCS is working to help the University achieve its objectives and what developments are either planned or are currently being implemented which will have a strategic benefit. Themes will include working smarter and more efficiently, working with the Faculties and the impact of innovation.

So, now to find pictures and interesting things to illustrate the presentation with - I hate death by powerpoint bullet points!

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