Thursday, 20 November 2008

Collaborating smarter

Collaboration high on the agenda at the moment. UCIP Programme Board meeting yesterday, and a useful discussion on some of the projects which come under this programme.

We're moving forward with the implementation of Zimbra as our next calendaring and email system, and made a decision to roll it out to students first. A number of reasons why : we can roll it out in a phased way, starting with first years who have no experience of current systems so no data to transfer or new systems to learn; students don't have access to a calendar at the moment, and we do have a concern about how we're going to move all of the data over from staff calendars; students complain less!

Clearspace implementation also going well - production service just about in place, pilots identified and starting, and still a lot of buzz about the place as to how this will utilise Web 2.0 technologies to improve collaboration, communication and discussion.

We've also started to pull together a set of web pages about collaboration which will eventually develop into a repository of information and advice for staff and students. Still a work in progress, but moving in the right direction.


Anonymous said...

'...starting with first years who have no experience of current systems so no data to transfer...'

Maybe so - but surely providing the students with a calendar will raise the expectation that their timetables will automagically appear.
(Something I'm sure staff would also appreciate when it get rolled out to them)

Are there moves afoot to do this?

Chris Sexton said...

Hi - thanks for the comment. We are working on a project to populate student calendars with their individual timetables - should be completed in time to coincide with this roll out.