Sunday, 23 November 2008


Busy week about to start - two important meetings coming up which require a lot of preparation.

First, next Monday, is my opening discussion as part of the new planning process where I will be meeting the Registrar and members of the planning team to look at both our process and our plans for the next 3 years. Most of the documentation is already completed - we have a process in place stating with our vision, which the department agreed earlier this year at World Cafe style events:

“We will be an innovative and influential department, respected by the University and recognised as a leader in the sector, delivering excellent, customer focused services”

This is underpinned by a number of departmental strategies which inform planning, objective setting and the business processes of the department. Existing strategies are:

• Technology
• Teaching and Learning
• Customer Service
• Communications
• Research – (currently under development)

Objectives for the year are set at department, section and team level, and are communicated and available to the whole department. Individual objectives are set during the annual Staff Review and Development Scheme (SRDS)

New developments are managed by the CiCS Programme Board as part of the departmental programme of projects and outlined in our programme definition document. Other programmes oversee specific University initiatives, including the SAP programme and the University Collaboration Improvement Programme. For Business systems, Application Groups receive all requests for new developments for prioritisation, with individual projects then going to the CiCS Programme Board.

So, I think we've got the planning process sorted out, but we need to ensure that we are aligining with University priorities, and that we have the resources to carry out our plans.

Immediately following that on Tuesday I have a session with our governing body - the University Executive Board - where I get the chance to talk to them about how we are supporting the business needs of the University. We will be looking at current and future developments and what strategic benefits they will achieve.

More on that later, I've got to write the presentation now.... Oh, and I've got a week full of meetings.

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Graham Hill said...

Do you have a "process" document that others could adapt? ie HOW you went about doing this. We are about to start a similar journey but don't yet have the coherence of a vision (yet)