Monday, 7 January 2008

Executive Team Meeting

At today’s Executive Team we spent a lot of time discussing our departmental vision meetings - we’re still digesting all the comments which have been transcribed from the tablecloths, and will report back at next week’s departmental meeting. Watch out for some fun at the meeting, where you get to use voting handsets – but not to vote off a member of the Exec!

We also approved a series of customer service reviews to be carried out on an ongoing basis, eventually forming a continuous review of the whole of our service. They’ll evaluate areas where we interact directly with our users and also the service we provide to them.

The process will involve seeking user feedback, investigating interfaces, usage, processes and practices. The information will be collated and analysed and a report written by the Customer Service & Communication Team identifying issues and recommending actions.
The findings of each review and the actions taken will be published for users to see. The first review – of the wireless service – has already taken place and the results will be available shortly. If anyone has any suggestions for areas to be reviewed, then please let us know.

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