Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Executive meeting

At yesterday's Executive Meeting we spent some time discussing how we might ensure that we deliver the benefits from projects - for example, we're very good at putting in systems, but not necessarily at following then up and making sure people use them so that all of the advantages are achieved. This usually takes place after the project has finished and needs a resource to make sure it's done. Of course, that doesn't just apply to things we call projects, but also our general day to day work as well. We've got some ideas, and will be following them up at a later meeting.

Other things discussed include a forthcoming CiCS User Group and what we should put on the agenda. These happen about 3 times a year, and are attended by about 40 staff from all departments, and students, and it's our opportunity to explain current and future projects, and get feedback from our services in general. These have been in the past very IT based, but we will be expanding them to cover all of CiCS services.

Last week we had a special Executive Meeting to look at how we might align our services to cope with the new Faculty structure. I am going to an awayday in a couple of weeks with all Heads of Professional Service departments where we will be sharing ideas, so it's important that we have a plan by then. I am currently pulling the ideas together and will be sharing it with the Executive at the end of this week so that it can be further discussed in teams.

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Brennig said...

'Success measures' and 'communications plan' are sections of any PID I draft. Benefit measures can include workflow-related benchmarks but the wider the audience that knows of an improvement, the more it (or aspects of it) can be embraced.

I'm rolling out a brilliant science project here which is an internal MIS tool with fantastic public-access potential.

sorry, getting a bit excited about this!