Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Impact of Cloud

Workshop on cloud computing.

Cloud is inescapable. Huge growth. Many vendors now only offering cloud solutions.
Benefits, increasingly towards time to market, faster access to infrastructure.

Size of device has gone down, amount of data has increased. We also own many more cloud enabled devices. Can set up old devices as cloud devices, eg as webcams. As we get to Internet of things, even smaller, more devices, much more data. Struggling now. Will get worse

Use cloud at home, fitbit, Spotify, app stores, music etc

At work, Dropbox, Google apps, azure, salesforce

Our expectations of our relationships with organisations have changed. We're used to accessing services anywhere on any device. If we don't like something, will just download another app. Having the services we need. We expect companies to look after our data securely.

So, organisations are changing. Multiplatform provision, agile development, rapid release. Security around applications rather than perimeter. Proactive monitoring of social media. IT governance. Making workplace employee experience as slick as consumer experience.

The IT function is changing. Change in control, consumers have choice. Change from data to information. Changing the way we recruit. We have information security mangers. UI/UX teams, more API development platforms. More contract managers. More business partners. More process improvers.

Also, our data is in many more different places. Do we know where it is? Mainly no :-)
Vendor maturity is a challenge. Some build up business, then fail. Vendor error also an issue, gives a different sort of risk profile. Failures can cause huge impact on our services. We are dependent on them, services are out of our control.

Early stage impacts of cloud include access to massive compute and storage resources, access to content and learning, access to new platforms and social collaborations. But, what are future impacts going to be?

Despite all the hype about cloud computing, we have mainly kept doing what we've always done with new applications and new titles, the real impact of cloud is only just starting to be visible.
IaaS, PaaS, SaaS is where we are.

Where we're going is machine learning as a service (MLaaS) and Business process as a service (BPaaS) this is where new impacts will be.

Cloud only works if you think it through end to end. So, if you put all your services in the cloud, they will still be down if your connection goes down. But, they won't be if authentication to those services is still on campus. Can't think where he got that example from!

Real impacts of cloud. You store your data in the cloud, your organisation loses the data when you leave. Your data is sold without your knowledge, you can't get insurance. Your data is shared for medical research purposes, and your life is saved by early intervention due to predictive analytics.
Internet of things, machine to machine interaction, there will be huge impacts.

 If the fridge won't speak to the oven, you may have to go out for dinner....

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