Thursday, 17 March 2016

Baby can't add up...

Often at a conference I take detailed notes about each session which I put in this blog, but I'm so busy at this one, that I don't think I'll have time to do them all, and most sessions are available on the website anyway. But, I will try and capture a flavour of what is going on!

Second session yesterday was very complimentary to the first. It was from the University of East London, who had given all of their new first years a Samsung Galaxy tablet in 2014. They'd worked with various partners to provide access to eTexts and learning materials, and provided support and guidance to staff and students on how to get the best from them. They were being used in innovative ways by the staff and students, and the project had moved from delivering ebooks to being a learning tool. It started out to improve student satisfaction, and was now about research and evaluation.
You can watch the talk here.

There's always a social programme at UCISA allowing delegates to network with each other, and last night we went to the Manchester Museum of Science and Industry, where we had a drinks reception in the power hall. IT people and engines - what a good combination.

Then we had a meal next to a working model of Baby, or the Manchester Small-Scale Experimental Machine. the world's first stored program computer, built at Manchester University in 1948. It had a 32 bit word length and a memory of 32 words. It also couldn't add up - it had to do that by negative subtraction!

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