Thursday, 16 July 2015

TechQual and TELFest

This week has involved more travel, more delayed trains, and another site visit for the UCISA conference - this time in 2017. We're thinking ahead!

Also this week I've continued my visit to Heads of Departments and had more interesting conversations, as well a coffee and cafe meeting with members of the department.

Yesterday I discussed with colleagues some communications we want to get out. The first is the CiCS Story - who are we, what do we do,  how do we work and more importantly how can people input into our decision making process. This came out of the TechQual survey, and is one of the areas we are addressing. We have many ways in which they can do so, including the CiCS User group, our Service Advisory Groups which  contain a representative from each Faculty, Professional Services and the students, and our feedback page. But, we probably don't make it clear how everything fits together, so that's something we need to do. We're also looking at publishing our Annual Report in a more innovative way - more on that later.

Have also been talking to the team organising TELFest - our Technology Enhanced Learning Festival to be held in September this year.  Intended to help academic staff make the most of technology in learning and teaching there will be workshops, drop in sessions, panel discussions and talks. It looks like its going to be a fantastic event, and this year Innovation Corner will have robots and 3D printing, and we'll be launching our Learning Lab which will be a space where staff can trial new technology, furniture and other classroom facilities.

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