Thursday, 9 July 2015

It's not just Facebook and Twitter

First session this morning is from a student about how students use technology in their everyday lives.

A student who just completed 4 year law degree at Leeds. She used her iPad, iPhone, laptop, computer clusters and laptop loan during her course. Technology became more essential over the period of her course. People fight over plug sockets, bring extension leads into library etc

A laptop is vital for university studies, for making notes in lectures to dissertation research. Wifi everywhere essential. PCs are not past their sell by date and students still need clusters. Laptops are for more informal work. It's more studious sitting at a desk.

She has 5 email accounts, all accessed on her iPad and iPhone. That gives constant contact between her and tutors

Leeds uni app means she always has her timetable in the palm of her hand. Blackboard Mobile also very useful. Makes big use of Q and A during exam time,

Even Mac users use Word and PowerPoint. One Note also essential for making notes and synching between different devices. Using mini keyboard iPad becomes mini computer and its handbag friendly!

Tablets great for reading journals, and paperless.

Social media and students. Lot is procrastination based, but not all! Facebook great for group work, group conversations and reaching out to people. Think Facebook should be separate from their teachers.

Twitter great for social profile. Follow all the big employers, get news faster. Follow uni social media accounts to get instant updates. Just what students want.

Evolution of the library. Students only need two things from a library, wifi and power sockets. War at exam time for power. Will go round looking at how much power people have left. Leeds opened new library with plug sockets, comfy chairs, big bright spaces, space for group work. Sounds like our 8 year old Information Commons :-)

Development of technology. Office 365 has been introduced and has made email more accessible and calendars, more integration, reminders etc.

Leeds for Life on-line portfolio is great. You update throughout your time at University with all achievements and experience, Much easier to update than a cv and can be done on the go

University learning environment means educational materials accessible any time, anywhere, for example if you have to go home or are ill. Lecture recording just being trialled. Had a big fear that students wouldn't turn up, but made not difference. Used for revision. Much better coverage of those lectures that had been recorded, second learning experience.

IT service desk is great support for students for computer repairs, queries and the dreaded loss of work. IT service desk has to understand that student needs are different to staff. They have a physical service desk as well as telephone and email. Thinks more use should be made of social media to raise issues

Technology has changed so much in her 4 years at Leeds, can't wait to revisit in another 4 years.

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