Friday, 24 April 2015

UCISA - the future

I've been In Oxford for the last couple of days on UCISA business. Yesterday we had the first meeting of the organising committee for next years UCISA conference which will be in Manchester. We collected a lot of feedback from this years, and spent most of our time going through it, and working out what we can change to improve it. The feedback was actually very good, especially on the speakers. There were some minor issues with timing, and the wifi was a bit flaky, but otherwise, a great success. Just got to make next years as good. I'm on the lookout for good speakers, so all ideas welcomed!

Today was a day long meeting of the Executive Committee, where we had a really in depth look at how UCISA operates, what is it for, and how might it change to better service the members. We also looked at the groups we have, and whether they're the right structure. We touched on our relationship with other bodies such as JISC and RUGIT, and our sister organisations - most of the professional services have membership organisations covering HR, Finance, Estates Student services, Libraries etc and it's important that we work with them. Lots of good discussion, and rather a lot of actions to take forward.

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