Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Agile and TechQual

Sorry for the long gap in posts - had some time off over Easter to stay in a Yurt!  You should try it - it was great fun, and with our own private, log fired hot tub! Definitely more glamping than camping.

A couple of big meetings this week so far. Monday was our Service Strategy Board, where we had our normal look at project progress and things happening in our service areas. We also had a good discussion about Agile Project Prioritisation and resourcing. Our Aim is to improve project prioritisation on the basis of business value vs resource usage, and keep this under review. We think that an agile approach will help us with resource management, and not just in CiCS, but in the business units we work with, and should help colleagues plan their project resource commitment.It should also improve the visibility and transparency of decision making. We'll also be looking to manage all major developments as projects, rahter than just some of them which is what we do now. Lots more work to do in the area but we're pressing on with it.

Today we had a departmental meeting, where I presented the results of a recent staff survey we did. TechQual tool, which asks our customers to say what the minimum level of service for a particular area they would be prepared to accept, what is their desired level, and what they think we provide.  We sent it to all University staff late last year, and have been analysing the results. Overall satisfaction with our services is up from the last time carried out a survey which is good, but there are some areas for improvement. We've chosen 8 key themes, and devised an action plan for all of them, with either myself or an Assistant Director acting as sponsor for each area, to ensure that the actions get carried out.   You can see the themes and the action plan here.
We used the

We also had a good talk on the progress we're making with lecture capture using our Echo360 project, our project to improve Research IT support, and a very useful session from one of our HR colleagues on the importance of objective setting during our annual review SRDS (Staff Review and Development Scheme).

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