Friday, 20 February 2015

Staff Survey Areas to address

Just before Christmas we ran the TechQual survey with staff at the University which measures satisfaction with our services against a benchmark service level that they would like to see. Some excellent information for us to analyse and work on, as well as the free text comments which always provide a fascinating insight into why people answer questions the way they do.  We've identified 8 themes we need to work on, and the Exec (me and my 3 Assistant Directors) are acting as sponsors for 2 each. They are in no particular order:

    •    My Sustainable Print
    •    Learning and Teaching Tools
    •    AV in Classrooms
    •    Student Administration Tools
    •    Timely Resolution to Problems
    •    Managed Desktop 
    •    Websites and Online Services
    •    Ability to Influence CiCS Developments

My two are the last two, and I had a catch up meeting this afternoon to go through an action plan. Some of the issues with the website and on-line services will be solved by projects we are already working on. Our SAP mobile project for example will soon launch a number of apps for our HR and Finance system which have hugely improved user interfaces. Our Web Improvement Project is looking at the overall University website, and we have installed a new Google search appliance and are about to start improving our metadata to give better search results.

In terms of influencing what we do, there are already many ways, but it's obvious people don't know about them, so we need to be much clearer about our governance. Our Service Advisory Groups have representatives from each Faculty, Professional Services and students, and the CiCS User group has a member from each department. However, we need to do more, and I'm hopeful that soon we will have an  IT Officer for each Faculty which will be a good liaison point.

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James Ibbotson said...

Don't forget a Major rewrite of E-recruitment went live in Jan. Which will have been after the survey!