Thursday, 19 February 2015

George and Mildred are back....

Over the last three years we've been watching a pair of peregrine falcons on St Georges Church Tower nest and rear their young, thanks to a nest built by our colleagues in Estates and Facilities Management and a webcam installed by us. The original webcam gave a really good view of the nest box, but nothing else. So, thanks to some sterling work, again a joint effort between us and colleagues in EFM, a second webcam has been installed, further away so that you can see the nestbox, the perch and the ledge. This involved some delicate work at the top of the tower, including hanging upside down....

Given my fear of heights, not something I would attempt.

The second camera is giving some great views of the birds, and there's often one sitting on the perch, feathers rustling in the wind, looking out for a tasty pigeon.

Today we saw both the male and the female ripping something to shreds on the ledge, so I think we can safely say they're back.

Watch them for the next few months here.

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